Double Happiness Tire's talent pool
Source: China National Tire&Rubber Corporation Date: 2011-12-29

The Double Happiness Tire Industries Corp, Ltd has recently had a company-wide campaign for recommending talented people to build up its talent reserves as a useful way to give the company a talent pool and set up a human resources program in line with the company's requirements.

Double Happiness has announced its intention to establish a talents pool that can be used to cultivate mid-level management personnel. Talented people can be recommended for the pool in four ways: by departments, by themselves, by other people, or by their leaders. Qualified personnel who should have ability and political integrity and place morality above everything, must be selected in a just, fair and open way, not only by the education background but also by the work performance. The main management positions will be filled, over a 2-5-year period, with people in their prime who have a good education, professional knowledge, and practical experience and expertise.

To speed up the process, Double Happiness plans to provide many different opportunities for developing the reserve talent pool. The first is to give them a foothold in understanding their tasks to move to a more advanced level and make themselves indispensable in their assigned job. The second is to select members of the reserve pool for various types of training at the CPC Central Committee's school and at Qingdao University of Science and Technology to increase ideological and political learning and professional competence. The third involves practical learning, where the company assigns tasks for the reserve pool and lets them tackle key problems, or assigns a specific problem to a specific individual to increase their problem solving skills. A fourth approach involves special practice, where the company will encourage members of the reserve pool to take the initiative in dealing with special circumstances and problems as a way to increase their ability to deal with unexpected circumstances and resolve unexpected problems. A fifth way is to select talent pool members to play a leading role in certain posts to improve their ability to take charge of the overall situation.

To standardize its management of the talent system, Double Happiness will set up a database, use a management system separated by specialty, and develop an evaluation, incentive, selection and communication method for talents, to attract, create and keep talents, gradually building a good environment for competition and supplying constant talented people for company's development. (Double Happiness Tire Li Weiling)

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