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Zhuzhou Rubber's statistical work wins it honors
Source: China National Tire&Rubber Corporation Date: 2011-12-28

Zhuzhou Rubber was recently given the title "Advanced Hunan province unit for scientific statistics performance in 2010".

Zhuzhou Rubber has increased it effort to train statisticians and has improved the quality of its annual reports and has been able to finish its statistics work in relation to provincial science and technology and national R&D checks. This has helped science and technology offices all across the province improve operations, in accordance with the provincial government's new statistics rules work and thanks to the supports of leaders at all levels.

The provincial science and technology department evaluated the annual statistics reports of all work units, in accordance with the Scientific and Technological Statistics Evaluation Rules, and commended a number of units and individuals for their work. The results were that Zhuzhou Rubber and 19 other scientific research institutes, along with seven municipal science and technology bureaus, were named advanced units in the province's scientific and technological statistics sector, for 2010. (By Liu Weiping)

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