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一、岗位职责 Responsibility   (5-10项,负责\协助\完成……, )

1.            支持公司商务部负责人各项日常工作;

Support the Commercial Head on daily work.

2.            结合公司战略部署,在企业营销部门与采购/供应链部门组织变革、职能演变过程中提出部门创新发展规划和实施建议。

Associate with Company’s Strategy, supply innovative developing plans and implementation advice to Commercial line (including Sales & Marketing, Procurement, and Supply Chain) in subordinates

3.            配合组织并参与营销培训,帮助企业建设学习型团队,培养团队创新发展意识,对企业相应营销、采购/供应管理人才所需能力及类型提供指导和建议。

Organize and participate into the sales & marketing training, to help the enterprise build the learning style team with innovative consciousness. Supply the guide and advice to Big Commercial lines of the enterprise.

4.            结合新媒体和信息技术发展,根据行业特点为企业寻找并提供销售管理工具,作为企业建立全面商务管理体系的抓手。及时更新、培训并推广工具使用,促进业务水平提升。

Company with the novel media broadcasting and IT development, search and supply the suitable management tools box with the industrial character for the enterprise and push these as key actions for Commercial Management System Construction. Update, train and implement these tools in time, to promote the business capability.

5.            建立销售与采购、供应链等核心环节充分协同机制,建立全面营销体系

Build the Big Commercial system with the fully synergy of sales&marketing, procurement and supply chain.

6.            创新并持续推动业务数字化建设,指导并帮助企业建立相应信息化系统,不断优化完善销售管理和采购物流管理信息化系统;在体系建设的基础上,帮助和培训企业建立以数据为基础的市场决策体系

Create and continuously push the Business Digitization Construction. Guide and help the enterprise to build the IT system to be satisfied with the business progress’ requirements. Based on this system, help and train the enterprise to make marketing decision via sufficient data.

7.            配合HR部门,指导帮助企业建立内部机制、流程及相应绩效体系,推动组织变革,创新业务与管理结合新思路,实现商务模式转型升级。

Cooperate with HR function, guide and help the enterprise to construct the inner mechanism, procedure and related performance management. Push the organization updating and upgrading. Explore the new ideas on business combining with management to drive the modern business transformation and promotion. 

8.            引入新动作做好团队文化建设,在商务团队中建立“服务和支持企业发展”的文化氛围,协调各商务部积极宣贯现代卓越营销体系的理念和方法,帮助企业建立科学的全面营销理念和文化

Introduce the new action to build commercial team and spread the Culture Environment with service and support thinking. Coordinate the commercial lines to implement the modern excellent marketing thoughts and methods and plastic the scientific own culture system of the enterprise.

二、岗位任职要求 Qualifications (主要包括:学历、专业、经验、能力、素质要求)

1.            学历、专业及经历:高等院校经济管理、工商管理、信息技术、橡胶、高分子材料等相关专业博士研究生;1-3年工作经验为宜

Education, majors and experience: Ph.D. in economic management, business administration, information technology, rubber, polymer materials and other related majors in colleges and universities; 1-3 years of work experience is preferred

2.            能力:良好的中英文沟通能力,包括听说读写;良好的行业信息收集、跟进以及研究分析能力,包括报告撰写和财务分析;有商务教育背景或相关经历,熟悉或了解橡胶、轮胎行业,具备快速学习能力。

Competency: Good communication skills in both Chinese and English, including listening, speaking, reading and writing; good industry information collection, follow-up and research and analysis capabilities, including report writing and financial analysis; business education background or related experience, familiar with or understand rubber, The tire industry has the ability to learn quickly.

3.            素质要求:主动积极,勇于创新;逻辑严谨,思维活跃;善于归纳,乐观通达。

Quality requirements: proactive, innovative; logically rigorous, active in thinking; good at induction, optimistic and accessible.

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