Business management: Qingping Linkuang trade union protects worker rights
Source: CHC Date: 2011-11-09
An inspection team headed by Zhao Bingkui, the vice chairman of Qingping Linkuang’s trade union, examined the work conditions of the company’s 18 grassroots trade unions and did work analyses, Oct 18 to 28. They wanted to see whether labor protections and safety supervision were properly in place and whether there were any violations. They spoke with staff members to see whether they understood production and operations safety and the role of trade union work of the parent company and the work unit, and got suggestions on management and development. They also spoke with grassroots Party members, administrators, and trade union leaders about the problems and suggestions the workers gave.

The team found that the work units under Party, administrative, and trade union leadership, carried out their work creatively, overcome many difficulties, and organized themselves to implement safer production and operation measures. They did their assistance and support work as assigned by the trade union diligently, dealt with worker concerns on time, and kept open communications with workers, maintaining a stable, effective work team. The units have engaged in labor protection and supervisory work and have protected workers’ rights. They have given workers birthday parties and have helped them feel the warmth of one big family, from the company to the trade union. They have also maintained a democratic management system at the workshop level, insisting that the important issues, such as safe production, which workers care about, should be under the democratic management team’s control. In this way, decision mistakes are avoided and the democratic rights of staff members are protected, with the result that an entire year’s worth of production is done 62 days ahead of time.

As a result of this, the team suggested further necessary improvements in the work of grassroots trade unions for the smooth development of the work situation. It also commented on the problems found in trade union work. This will certainly help building a more efficient trade union, one that looks after workers’ rights and assists employees, which will better safeguard workers’ rights. The team gathered 43 reasonable suggestions from the workers that they passed on to the administration.
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