Business management: Guizhou Crystal Group standardizes management
Source: CHC Date: 2011-11-08

The Guizhou Crystal Organic Chemical (Group) Co, Ltd recently held a special assessment for its chief and deputy chief engineers, to choose nine for renewed job offers.

To improve its engineers and technicians and motivate them and make them enthusiastic, and to cultivate new talent, Guizhou Crystal hired 12 technicians in 2009 for the position of chief or deputy chief engineer in electrical technology, mechanical technology, environmental protection, project auditing, and arts and crafts technology. It developed strict assessment and management methods and a more dynamic administration. By combing qualitative and quantitative analyses, integrating its performance index and performance evaluation, both annually and monthly, the company hopes to ensure an objective, fair, scientific assessment of the engineers during their time in office. 

The company recently hired four deputy engineers for computer technology, quality management, civil construction and design, and cement testing.

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