Continual improvement: Haohua meeting reviews continuous improvement projects
Source: CHC Date: 2011-08-23
Haohua held a meeting on July 22 to review its continued improvement projects, which its Continuous Improvement Office holds every year. This is a milestone in its field research and reflects the CIO’s rigorous attitude and desire to put in place a system of tight controls and guarantee the correctness of the project direction from the onset. This year’s meeting and review dealt with salinization and coalification. The organizers invited four senior experts and two full-time black belt experts in Haohua. He Xiaoqin, Haohua’s deputy general manager, was there to speak about recent developments. Zhang Feng and Wan Qingsong, BMGI’s senior consultants, provided exhibits of the projects on behalf of salinization and coalification companies.

There was a review of 88 continuous improvement projects from 11 enterprises and afterwards, 62 green belt projects of 2011 were chosen for implementation by a committee of experts.
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