Continual improvement: Haohua Honghe's continuous quality improvement results
Source: CHC Date: 2011-08-15
In the first half of 2011, Haohua Honghe has concentrated on the production and management of food additives and has spent nearly one million yuan on improving hardware and facilities and has compiled technical and managerial documents for food additives. It has passed regional, municipal and provincial exams and has won the “model enterprise for the production of food additives in Zigong” title. It has also improved bulk raw materials and fuel controls and the quality of product packaging, as well as quality controls on finished products. Among other things, it has checked the quality of ionic membranes, the moisture in liquid chlorine, saline water, the quantity of ammonium and bromine in chlorine, the mother liquor of combined-soda process, the crystallization in the No 10 carbonizing tower, and the operation of the No 5 electric furnace and thermal experiments over a 72-hour period, and has provided analytical support for subsidiaries’ production, as well as projects that were relocated to increase company efficiency. It has also been involved in a standardization conference organized by the Sichuan provincial government and described its experience as the only enterprise participant, giving full exposure to its role in the region and industry as a whole.

Haohua Honghe has a solid foundation, sound quality, and three of “China Top Brand Products”, a “Famous Trademark of China”, and was given the National Quality Management award, State AAAA Enterprise of Good Conduct on Standardization award, and first prize in the Sichuan provincial government’s Quality Management awards. Xie Xueduan, the company’s chairman and general manager, places importance on quality work and the idea that quality creates value. He emphasizes tighter controls, smooth information channels, and perfecting incentives. The company is currently integrating world-class manufacturing processes with continued improvements, completing its quality management system, improving its quality assurance, and perfecting its quality accountability system. It is also focusing on monitoring raw material and product quality, quality improvements, management costs, production of food and feed additives, the famous brand strategy, and market competitiveness, projects relocated for development, and a standardized management process.
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