Continual improvement: Qingping Linkuang electro-technical contest
Source: CHC Date: 2011-07-08
When the Qingping Linkuang’s Labor Contest Office held a contest for electricians, June 21 and 22, Huang Weixian, the company’s deputy Party secretary, along with the discipline inspection commission secretary and chairman of the labor union were present for the occasion. Huang told the gathering that technical workers are the company’s wealth, especially senior technicians, who play an important role in the company’s economic development. Technical contests can broaden their ideas, he said, and should cover many other fields, such as production safety, management, and administration, to raise the level of safety in production, work quality, service quality, and efficiency.

There were 22 electricians taking part in the competition, specifically set up as a leading group with Huang as the leader. They had to deal with both theory and practice in the exams and, after a fierce round of competition, Feng Weilin, from the power workshop, came in at first place, followed by Chen Yanlin, from machine transportation, and Zhong Kuilin, also from the power workshop. To increase the workers’ professionalism and enthusiasm, the company has developed a contest system, with evaluations of their technical skills and rewards. The top three winners will be used as worker technicians and be given a post-based stipend, in addition to their wages.
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