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Official opening of China Haohua Chemical Group
Source: China Haohua Chemical Group Date: 2012-08-09


The China Haohua Chemical Group Co Ltd had its officially opening on Aug 8, with Ren Jianxin, the general manager of ChemChina, and Luo Zhefu,the general manager of the China Everbright Group, addressing the opening ceremony, with more than 350 ChemChina, China Everbright, and China Haohua people taking part.

Hu Dongchen, the company’s president and general manager, told the gathering that they will become one of ChemChina’s best subsidiaries through their sustainable development strategy and provide greater economic and social value. 

China Haohua Chemical has 19 subsidiaries and assets of 21.88 billion yuan ($3.44 billion) and is a joint effort of ChemChina and China Everbright. Its principal business is fluorine chemicals, chlor-alkali chemicals, and fine chemicals.

It was previously owned by ChemChina, whose strength is in basic chemicals manufacturing, and has an advantage with its industrial chain, scientific innovation, and technological improvements. It also has a strong market position in the construction business and light, metallurgy, electronics, and agricultural industries.

Hu, the president, explained that this new arrangement is a significant step towards becoming a listed company, and it will focus on capital, its organization, and human resources to make it more competent in manufacturing, investment, project management, marketing, and business applications.

He went on to say that the company will be eyeing global markets and international M&A, with an additional effort in better internal controls and crisis management. It hopes, eventually, to have 40 billion yuan in assets and annual revenues of 3 billion yuan.

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