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ISO qualified National Gas Standardization Committee as P member
Source: CHC Date: 2011-09-29

Supported by South Western Chemical Industry Research Institute, the National Gas Standardization Committee is confirmed to be an ISO/TC 158 (International Standardization Organization/Gas Analysis Technical Committee) P member, a key step toward international standardization.

Before this, China was only an ISO/TC 158 O team member and could only participate in national standardization activities as an inspector, and had no way to promote China’s international status at ISO/TC158 activities, which did not accord with China’s rapid gas industry development. The National Technical Committee’s gas analysis is the only Chinese counterpart unit of ISO/TC158 and will attend international meetings in accord with the customs of the international standardization organization, and will complete ISO/TC158 voting, take part in the formulation and modification of international gas standards, submit a draft of an international gas standardization amendment to ISO/TC 158 within three years, increase the international influence of Chinese industry, and increase the competitiveness of Chinese enterprises and the international gas industry.

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