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CHC and CPC Party School symposium
China Haohua Corp (CHC) set up a symposium on November 25 for 25 ChemChina trainees who took a CPC Party School course for young and middle-aged cadres, with Zhu Yongkang, China Haohua Corp’s deputy party secretary, taking part.

The trainees described what they had learned and experienced at work over the previous three months. After listening to the reports, Zhu said he hoped the trainees would value the learning experience, overcome any hardships they face, and form good learning habits they can use their whole life. He also asked the trainees to play an exemplary role at work and link theory with practice so that what they learned can be used in their job, to support CHC's strategic objectives and reformation goals. In conclusion, he encouraged them to improve their ideology, learning and competence to make a contribution to CHC’s development.

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