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Honghe Chemical launches occupational training
Haohua Honghe held its welder competition at the welding training center from September 24 to 25, which is just a part of employees’ technical training. 

Out of its production and operation needs, Haohua Honghe has been innovating its training methods to achieve the ultimate objectives of “usefulness, adaptability and enhancement”. The HR department and the labor union have launched skill training for employees in a variety of methods, emphasizing improving their practical work ability and further strengthening the training in terms of management, technology and skills. As of late September, 159 preliminary (intermediate) level chemical operators, intermediate (high) level lifting workers and intermediate (high) level cement patrol workers had undergone the training and was certified qualified. It gave full play to the advantages of grassroots training, carried out timely post-shifting training and training the skills of crane operators, training 2319 in total in 887 training hours and separated teaching from examination in training.

Meanwhile, Haohua Honghe actively carried out independent training, which saved a large amount of training fees while ensuring safe production. In the first 6 months, in line with the Special Equipment Safety Supervision Rules, the company, through negotiation with Zigong Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, completed independent training and examination for pressure container operators (altogether 166) , saving over 40,000 yuan. Considering special operators, it promptly organized training classes for operation certificate (review) inspection of 739 special operators including eight groups of electricians, two groups of hazardous chemical operators and four group of welders, saving up to 200,000 yuan.

To establish and improve the long-term mechanism for cultivating qualified technicians, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of technicians to learn technology and make contributions, cultivate and forge a group of leading high-tech talents, Haohua Henghe has initiated the evaluation and employment of chief technicians, and now the candidates have entered into the stage of skill test and evaluation.
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