Innovators at CHC
Li Junxian

Li Junxian, who was born in March 1928, in Meishan County, Sichuan province, is a member of the China Academy of Engineering and works with Haohua’s Chemical Industry Liming Research Institute. Li is one of the discoverers of the use of raw materials for high-energy chemical propellants and a pioneer in the field of polyurethane reaction injection molding technology. He has been given many titles, including “Advanced Worker for Significant Contributions”, “Advanced Science and Technology Worker”, “National Outstanding Expert”, and “National Advanced Worker”, and has a “National May 1st Labor” medal”. Li also gets a special stipend from the State Council and was made a member of the China Academy of Engineering in 1995 and a representative at the Fifteenth National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, in 1997.

In 1966, one project Li was working on as a key researcher was chosen as one of 16 top national chemical research projects and, in 1989, it took third prize in the State invention awards. Another project he was involved in as a key member took first prize in the Ministry of Chemical Industry Technology’s Scientific and Technological Progress awards of 1997 and third place in the National Science and Technology Progress awards the next year. One fuel development program he led got the National Science Conference Award in 1978 and took second prize at the National Science and Technology Progress awards in 1995.

Li used the funds he got from winning Henan province’s Innovation Fund for Outstanding Talent in 2001 to put together a group of young scientists for a “Pilot Test Study of DMC Catalyst and Low Unsaturated Polyether Polyol”. Then, after five years of hard work they were able to apply for nine invention patents, which can be put into industrial production.

In recent years, he has been a part-time professor at the Henan University of Technology and Beijing University of Chemical Technology, as well as at our institute. He is also a master’s and PhD tutor and has trained more than 20 graduate students.

In 2011, Li was given the “World’s Most Influential People of Chengdu, Sichuan” award.

In 2011, he was named an “Outstanding Party Member” of central enterprises.

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