Project 9

Project: Dezhou Shihua Chemical Industry Co, Ltd biomass energy co-generation

Reference: dzshrd-40-11-0387

Notification title: Dezhou Shihua Chemical Industry Co, Ltd biomass energy co-generation project anti-corrosion steel cable tray bid invitation

Originator: Dezhou Shihua Chemical Industry Co,Ltd

Not limited to strategic suppliers

Source of funding: self-raising

Project: biomass energy co-generation

Content: anti-corrosion steel cable tray

Package separation: none

Type of bidding: public

Construction site: new garden of the Dezhou Shihua Chemical Industry Co

Construction time/ Delivery date: no more than 20 days after agreement is signed

Qualification method: pre-qualification


Bidders need to include the Bid No and Packet No, a contact phone number and e-mail address.

Requirements: Bidder must have more than 20 million yuan in registered capital of; a production permit and at least three years of experience in manufacturing or sales of the goods in question; have bid on goods for similar chlorine/caustic soda manufacturing for other large enterprises; be able to carry out the contract; be a part of the China Chemical Industry Corp project management information system.

Originator: Dezhou Shihua Chemical Co, Ltd

Contact: Zhao Liang

Tel: 0534-2277155

Fax: 0534-2625577

Agency: China International Tendering Co

Contact: Luo Hong, Lu Manman, Cheng Daming

Tel: 010-63348554/8544/8570

Fax: 010-63373573

To obtain bid documents: bidders need to sign up online for a qualification review. The China International Tendering Co will notify bidders if they pass the review process, after the online registration. In signing up, please provide a contact phone number and e-mail address.

Date of notification: Aug 22, 2011

On-line registration deadline: Aug 29, 2011

Bid deadline: Sep 6, 2011

Notification deadline: Sep 6, 2011

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