Project 8

Project: Dezhou Shihua Chemical Industry Co, Ltd biomass energy co-generation

Tender reference: dzshrd-40-11-0391

Bid name: Dezhou Shihua Chemical Industry Co, Ltd biomass energy co-generation copper bus bars

Originator: Dezhou Shihua Chemical Industry Co,.Ltd

Not limited to strategic suppliers

Source of funding: bidder

Project content: biomass energy co-generation

Bid content: bus bars

Package separation: none

Type of bid: public

Construction site: Dezhou, Shandong Province

Construction period/ Delivery date: 20 days

Qualification method: pre-qualification

Announcement of qualification:

Bidders will have to indicate the Bid No and Packet No, and provide a phone number and e-mail address.


1) Bidders must have experience manufacturing bus bars and production qualifications from a national industrial affairs administration. The bus bars under consideration will have to pass a “CCC” and other certification of the National Quality Certification Center.

2) Provide highest temperature rise reports for current values specified in the bid documents, with a photo of the object, size of wire, current test data and temperature rise of testing point.

3) Have the ISO9001—2000 quality management system certificate.

4) Be able to provide high quality product, with good after-sale services, and have a certificate of qualifications.

5) Have an independent legal person license, and special bus bars manufacturin qualifications.

6) No less than 50 million yuan in registered capital.

7) Provide a bank certificate.

8) Be a part of the China Chemical Industry Corp project management information system.

Originator: Dezhou Shihua Chemical Co, Ltd

Contact person: Zhao Liang



Agency: China International Tendering Co

Contact: Luo Hong, Lu Manman, Cheng Daming



To obtain bidding documents: bidders have to sign up and pass a qualification review. The China International Tendering Co will notify bidders if they pass the review, after the registration deadine. In signing up, please provide a contact mobile phone number and e-mail address.

Date of announcement : Aug 23, 2008

On-line registration deadline: Aug 30, 2008

Bidding deadline: Sep 6, 2011

Notification deadline: Sep 6, 2011

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