Project 4

Entrusted by Hebei Shenghua Chemical Co, Ltd,, China CNTC International Tendering Corp invite public bidding for the project of a 400,000 tons/year of caustic soda, 4000,000 tons/year of PVC resin, and auxiliary thermal power support station (phase I).

1. Project name: copper bus

2. Reference: TC11N7E6 

3. Bid package:

Equipment Name: copper bus

Delivery date: Two months after contract is signed

4. Price for bidding documents: 400 yuan per packet; 50 yuan additional per packet if mailed; non-refundable.

5. Time and place for bidding document purchase:

Time: Bidders have to sign up on the China National Chemical Corp (ChemChina) website for a qualification review; ChemChina will notify eligible bidders after the deadline; please make sure that you provide a mobile phone number and e-mail address.

Place: Room 508, Bldg. No 9, Yard 14, Zaojunmiao, Haidian District, Beijing

Payee: China CNTC International Tendering Corp

Bank of Deposit: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Beijing), Haidian Branch, Business Department 

Account No: 0200049619200362296 (please indicate the reference TC11N7E6 and purpose)

6. Qualifications:

1) The bidder will have a legal person status, a strong production capacity, and at least10 million yuan in registered capital.

2) More than three years of experience producing and marketing the goods described.

3) Experience producing goods that have been used in China under similar chlorine/caustic soda condition. 

7. Bid deadline: 9:30 am (Beijing time), Nov 9, 2011. Bids arriving after that date or those do not meet specification will not be accepted.

8. Opening time: 9:30 am (Beijing time), Nov 9, 2011.

9. Bid opening site: Beijing Jiayuan Hotel, conference room (No 6, Daliushu Rd, Haidian District, Beijing; Tel: 010-62272288)

10. Bidders have to appoint an authorized representative to participate in the bidding on Nov 9, 2011. 

11. For any questions, please contact China CNTC International Tendering Corp through e-mail or fax within the last five days before the deadline.

12. Evaluation method: apply the comprehensive method in the evaluation 

13. Information:

(1) Name: Hebei Shenghua Chemical Co, Ltd

(2) Add: No.10 Shenghua East Street, Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province

(3) Contact: Zhang Wei

(4) Tel: 0313-3272011 E-mail:

14. Agency:

(1) Name:China CNTC International Tendering Corp

(2) Add: Bldg No 9, Yard 14, Zaojunmiao, Haidian District, Beijing

(3) Contact: Li Zhe

(4) Tel: 010-62108194

(5) Fax: 010-62108043

(6) E-mail:

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