Fluorine Chemicals


Sulfur hexafluoride 


Molecular formula
Alias name
Used as refrigerant gas and insulation material. 
Colorless, odorless, tasteless and nonflammable gas. Relative density: 1.88 (liquid, -50.5℃), 2.683 (liquid, -195℃), 5.11(gas, 20℃, air = 1). Melting point: -50.5℃ (pressure).-63.8℃sublimation. Slightly soluble in water and alcohol. Good heat resistance (stable at above 500℃), thermal conductivity and dielectric properties. Chemically stable, nonreactive with water, ammonia, sodium hydroxide or hydrochloric acid. Nonreactive with dry copper, silver, iron, aluminum, etc. below 300℃ and nonreactive with quartz below 500℃. Reactive with metallic sodium at 250℃.  
Production methods
Prepared in direct reaction between fluorine and sulfur. 
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