Fluorine Chemicals


Polytetrafluoroethylene resin 

Molecular formula
Alias name
It can be made into sticks, boards, tubular product and all kinds of slabs, and lamella, pellicle and abnormity products after secondary operation. It is one of the requisite new materials in aerospace, chemistry, electrics, light industry, machinery, textile, medicine, construction and science and technology. 
Having 3 classes of existence, graininess, powdery and dispersion. Relative density 2.1~2.3. Melting point 327℃. Having the outstanding properties of bearing extreme high temperatures, chemical stability, electrical resistivity, air ageing resistivity, and lubricating property etc. With extremely high viscosity of 1010~1011Pa•s, it has to be processed through cold pressing and agglomeration methods. 
Production methods
Non polar open chain form crystalline polymer produced by suspended or detracted polymerization tetrafluoroethylene. 
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