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Palladium catalyst 

Molecular formula
Alias name
It is widely used for adding hydrogen for anthraquinones, desulfurization, alkene block removing, and gas deoxidization in the production of hydrogen peroxide in the field of chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection and hydrogenation catalyzing industries. 
1. Large capacity
Developed by Liming Institute and a aluminum company, based on advanced equipment and manufacturing technique, the product enjoys a 10% higher capacity than average products and its overall properties is in the leading role in the industry.
2. easy to handle and having long life service
The technique is easy to handle, the consumption material is low and the life service is long, thanks to the effective carrier, advanced skills, stable structure and reasonable geometry shape.
3. low cost
As diaspore is the main material, the products’ unit cost is 20,000 to 30,000 yuan lower than those using aluminium powders as the main source. 
Production methods
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