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18% Thiosulfuric acid-S 

Molecular formula
Alias name
2-Dimethylamino-1,3-bis(sodium thiosulfate) propane 
The product is successfully developed on the basis of padan. Dimehypo can be acidulated into Monosultap. Monosultap (or dimehypo) can be cyclized with sodium sulfide and salified with oxalic acid to prepare Thiocyclam. Padan, Monosultap, Thiocyclam and Dimehypo have stomach, tag and bone absorption toxicity. Dimehypo has a good preventive and treatment effect on major pests of rice, wheat, barley and highland barley, corn, beans, vegetables, citrus, fruit trees, tea, forest and other crops, such as pink rice borer, striped rice borer, paddy borer, rice leaf roller, rice skipper butterfly, leafhoppers, rice thrips, Lema decempunctata Gebler, Chinese rice borer, vegetables borer, cabbage caterpillar, striped flea-beetle, peach aphid, pear leaf worm, citrus leaf-miner and so on. 
White crystals (with two molecules of crystal water). Melting point: 142-143℃ (decomposition). Readily soluble in water; soluble in ethanol, methanol, dimethyl formamide, dimethyl sulfoxide; slightly soluble in acetone; insoluble in acetic acid, ethyl ester and ether. Tending to absorb moisture; strange smell; readily decomposing in the strong alkaline conditions; stable at room temperature. 
Production methods
Dropwise add dimethylamine and liquid caustic soda to chloropropene at 0℃, heat the mixture to 45℃ for reaction for 2h to obtain N, N-dimethyl acrylamide; acidifie it with HCl to pH = 2 at controlled temperature 0-10℃; chloridize it by filling chlorine; add alkali to adjust pH = 3-4 and obtain 1 - (dimethylamino) -2,3 - dichloropropane. Add sodium thiosulfate at 40℃ and heat it to 60℃; add the chloride obtained above and liquid caustic soda amounting to 3/5 of the dosage for reaction at 70℃ for 3h, and then add the remaining amount of liquid caustic soda; stir the mixture at 63-65℃ for half an hour to obtain 30 percent dimehypo solution. Norm quota of raw material consumption: Allyl chloride 380kg/t, dimethylamine (40 percent) 650kg/t, sodium thiosulfate 1680kg/t, hydrochloric acid (31 percent) 110kg/t, liquid chlorine (99.5℃) 330kg/t, and liquid caustic soda (40 percent) 850kg/t. 
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