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CNZ-1 hydrogenation catalyst of methanol catalytic pyrolysis 
Molecular formula
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hydrogen is mainly used in the field of chemical industry, oil production, metallurgy and electronics. Using methanol cracking to produce hydrogen is much less expensive than the way to produce hydrogen through water electrolysis. 
The vaporization of methanol and water could produce a mixture of gases that contains ~74% hydrogen and ~24% carbon dioxide. The recovery scope of hydrogen is 88%~92% (by using advanced adsorbent and technique). The degree of purity of hydrogen is 99.9%~99.999%. The pressure scope of hydrogen is 0.5~2.2MPa (no compressor). The byproduct of carbon dioxide could be used as food additives, tobacco swelling agent and wielding protective. The technique is simple to handle, pollution-free and energy-saving.
Methanol cracking for hydrogen making catalyst has long service life, active mode, low pile density and the carbon monoxide after cracking is less than 0.5 percent. 
Production methods
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