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CNT-1 methyl formate catalyst of methanol dehydrogenation 
Molecular formula
Alias name
Formic acid methyl ester is mainly used for the production of formamide, N - methyl formamide, N, N - two DMF, N N-formylmorpholine and formic acid. It could also be used as quick dry solvent because of its low vapour pressure. It could also be used as pesticide, germicide, intermediary for the combination of medical and pesticide as well as fumigant for grains, fruit and tobaccos. Formic acid methyl ester could also be used for the production of carbon monoxide. It is used as substitute for CFC, HCFC and HFCs, a kind of blowing gent for foam materials (the foreign brand is Ecomate) which would not do damage to the ozone nor cause greenhouse effect. Properties: CNT-1 formic acid methyl ester catalyst has long service life and active mode. The formic acid methyl ester that the product catalyzes is ≥ 85%. 
Production methods
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